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Rudy: We should throw a prom for mom!

for so many of us the cosby show was our only insight into a healthy, loving marriage. one of the many things i thank this show for.

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As if my sleep schedule wasn’t already screwed up. Maybe I was subconsciously getting myself ready for worlds.

Whatever. It’s starts now.

Let’s go!!!

Small Talk

I will know your favorite color
by the way you walk
each time that you wear it.
Whenever I see you close your eyes
each time that you hear it
I will know that is your favorite song.
The excitement you have
each time you sit down to watch it
will let me know that is your favorite movie.

I will not ask you about any of this.
These things are easy to find out,
all I have to do is pay attention.
So when those moments come
when it is time to sit down
and find out a little more about one another,
these are not the questions I will ask.
I will ask you of the things that matter.

What is scarier: failure or success?
When was the first time you said “I love you”
and knew what that really meant.
What was the last thing you did
or didn’t do that you will always regret?

Why did you choose me?


There are some days
when I remember
that you will never
read these words.

I write more on those days.

Some days you need to go #burley and feel like a man. #hookah #tangiers #canemint #workishard #me #mencanlikespongebob

Some days you need to go #burley and feel like a man. #hookah #tangiers #canemint #workishard #me #mencanlikespongebob



90s Black Sitcoms, Ranked

The Cosby Show, what has long been considered the greatest black sitcom of all time, celebrates its 30th anniversary in two weeks. That the show’s legendary run is marked by a return to a more diverse television landscape this fall seems fitting: NBC, ABC, and FOX, along with other networks, will debut a variety of shows that cast minority actors in lead roles (several are women of color). This push for more nuanced programming brings to mind the 1990s, a decade known for its rich portrayal of black life through shows like Living Single and Roc. Here, a completely indisputable ranking of black sitcoms that aired between 1990 and 1999.

See the rest of the list here.

So many people forget about South Central. That was such a good show.

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this is it. this is the most important gif on tumblr.com


this is it. this is the most important gif on tumblr.com

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