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Poet Sierra DeMulder performs “Today Means Amen.” 



The Dance Hall | A-Z OF AFRICAN DANCES |

Love this just wish they had listed the countries where the dances are from


People that still tell “women in the kitchen” jokes




bish whet?

bitch wait


this girl dances alongside brian puspos and just kills his dance. She murked it. Even brian was shocked himself. this….

i’m speechless

Welp, here we go. Hot mess year two =P

Happy National Dance Day all!

By the way, 1. You can’t see my feet again, oops. 2. Routine is modified and music is off sync because yeah and 3. Let’s go

I hate my life.

I have both Pokemon X and Y. My X copy is my breeding/competitive copy and Y is my random play through copy. So I was doing a Wonderlocke on my Y that lost a few days ago (don’t get me started on that lol)

Fast forward to earlier today, I felt like doing a Arcanine solo run. So when I restart a game, I’m kind of on auto pilot. Plus I was kind of distracted doing something else. (Does anybody see where this is going?)

I restarted my fucking copy of X. I swear, if it wasn’t for Pokebank, I’d be a lot more upset this. As it is, I’m just really annoyed. I have my living dex saved in Pokebank as well as most of my competition breeds. I think that I lost, maybe, about a dozen of my bred pokes. Which is annoying but I know I can get it back eventually.


This is a brief super brief snippet of said dance break from tonight courtesy of a friend’s instagram.

I needed tonight.

So long story short, with my new job, I haven’t been able to go to my open mic for like the past 3 months. And I was able to find some time and get over there tonight.

When I showed up, the sign up sheet was immediately thrown in my face and, of course, I didn’t put my name on it. I never put my name on it, they just call me up whenever they want. But this time, since I wasn’t planning on being there, I didn’t have anything ready.

So I pulled up a poem that I was half okay with and put it in my pocket. When they called my name, I got on the mic and did my usual banter. Then I told everyone to pick my left pocket or my right. Everyone picked my left pocket, which was the pocket I had my phone in.

But for whatever reason, last minute I decided go with the whole “Well, you guys picked the pocket we aren’t going to use.” There was nothing in my right pocket. Istarted to talk about how tomorrow was national dance day and how I had been kind of tossing around the idea of a dance poem but hadn’t actually written anything for it. I then proceeded to improvise said poem on the spot. Yes, dancing included.

It went over alright, I’ll get around to actually working on it eventually. But my favorite part happened right after I was done. Ant (the host) got on the mic, told the DJ to play some music and everyone proceeded to get up for a dance break for the next minute or two. It was definitely a good night that I needed.

TL;DR - I went to my open mic, improvised a dance poem and everyone danced afterwards.

A couple of new additions to the collection. #hookah #shisha #meyex #5starhookah

A couple of new additions to the collection. #hookah #shisha #meyex #5starhookah