Writing Out Loud


23/30b - The Bard

I never took the time
to get to know you.
You were different and
hard to understand.

For the record,
there are parts of you
that I am still learning
but I am trying.

It has taken me a long time
to appreciate all that you have done.
I am certain that if it were not for you
I would not be where I am today.
For that I thank you.

You know its funny.
Often when I write something
to give my thanks,
I make it a point to say that
all I have to offer are my words.
I don’t believe there is anything more fitting
than me offering my words to you.
Oh, and one last thing.

I still hate iamabic pantameter.


A number one dad, ten out of ten, Dad of the year, gettin laid all year this year, best dad ever, you did it.


A number one dad, ten out of ten, Dad of the year, gettin laid all year this year, best dad ever, you did it.

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23/30a - Attempt at a Shakespearean Sonnet #1

We play. We write. We dance. We sing. We strive.
Ignore the world. Don’t appease it.
When it puts you down, get back up. Revive.
Be loud and be proud. Stand tall and seize it.

Saying life is hard would understate it.
But life is hard. That is needless to say.
Trials ahead have been measured, weighted.
Do not become stagnant. Find a new way.

Often it is said, we reap what we sow.
Let lessons come from the mistakes we make.
We must learn from them if we are to grow.
And grow we must for our lives are at stake.

Life is not something we simply survive.
Live it fully. Allow yourself to thrive.

21/30b - The Truth About Goodbye

Say each one purposefully.
You are not promised another hello.

21/30a - You Can’t Judge A…(Working Title)

There is this book that
sits on a shelf in the corner.
The pages are yellow.
The cover is barely hanging on.
The title is nearly illedgable.

If someone were to open it up
they would find torn pages
and markings in every margin.
Some words have
simply fadded away.

Most people will not even
notice it, let alone pick it up.
They do not understand
that this is what a book
is meant to be.

A book has more stories
than what words on the page tell.
They are found in the way
the pages are folded.
Or the the items foound
pressed within them.
Or simple in the way
it needs to be held to prevent it
from falling apart.

I will pick you up everytime.
I need to know the stories you have to tell.



Does it die like humans do? Does it slowly
wither and wilt, while it’s own organs begin

to betray it? Or, is it more like a gunshot?

A quick darkening? Where does it go?
Is there a heaven for love? Does it slip

through some invisible drain in our chest?

Does it, like water, just…

19/30 - Life Lines

As a kid I was quite wreckless.
I remember the time
when I pushed a pencil
through my palm.
It was only recently
that I noticed the scar was gone.
A part of me wished that
it was still there.
I used it as a reminder
of how fragile we are.

I remember when
I was able to hold you.
I am sorry for the moments
when I may have held on
a little too tight and
if it ever felt like
I took a little too long to let go.
I was just doing my best
to find a good grip.
We never did fit together.

When I was younger
a bird flew into my window.
I heard it bounce off the glass
and its body crash onto the ground.
I picked it up and
I could feel it struggling.
I had yet to be introduced
to the idea of death-
the idea of a living thing
breathing in its last breath.
I don’t know if I was ready to be.
I don’t know where my mind
would have gone if I didn’t let go
and watch it fly away.

The most important thing
our hands will ever hold
are the stories we tell.

Shoutout to Jatt with the predictions


I just got home and I still need to watch the first two games because the Youtube rewind cut them off already but I was able to watch the 3rd game in the TSM v CLG series.

Dyrus - *locks in Renekton*

Jatt - TSM going for that win at 25 minutes composition.

TSM - Wins at 25 minutes

18/30 - Memorized (WIP)

If you put any poet on the spot
I bet you that they will
be able to perform.

Each one of us
has that one poem that
we always carry with us.
It is the first poem
that we ever loved.
The poem that we always
try to write again.

Put me on the spot
and I will sing your name.

18/30a - No Vacancy

I thought you had moved
but I saw you last night.
I wanted to catch up.
It had been so long
since we had spoken and
I wanted to see what was
new with you but
we didn’t do that.

The only thing that
seemed to come up was the past.
Everything that happened.
Everything that didn’t.

I don’t know why
this was coming up now.
I hadn’t seen you in awhile.
I thought that you left.

I guess there will always be
corners of my mind that you live in.