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Shoutout to Jatt with the predictions


I just got home and I still need to watch the first two games because the Youtube rewind cut them off already but I was able to watch the 3rd game in the TSM v CLG series.

Dyrus - *locks in Renekton*

Jatt - TSM going for that win at 25 minutes composition.

TSM - Wins at 25 minutes

18/30 - Memorized (WIP)

If you put any poet on the spot
I bet you that they will
be able to perform.

Each one of us
has that one poem that
we always carry with us.
It is the first poem
that we ever loved.
The poem that we always
try to write again.

Put me on the spot
and I will sing your name.

18/30a - No Vacancy

I thought you had moved
but I saw you last night.
I wanted to catch up.
It had been so long
since we had spoken and
I wanted to see what was
new with you but
we didn’t do that.

The only thing that
seemed to come up was the past.
Everything that happened.
Everything that didn’t.

I don’t know why
this was coming up now.
I hadn’t seen you in awhile.
I thought that you left.

I guess there will always be
corners of my mind that you live in.

17/30b - The Truth About Why My Poems Have Gotten Shorter

I want them to be read
and not just liked.

17/30a - The Truth About Our Poems

We don’t choose
the ones we write.
They choose us.

16/30b - The Truth About Stepping Aside

I want you
to be happy.

16/30a - What Remained

I was in my sister’s room
lying on the bed and
staring at the clock
when I lost my father.

This is also where
I lost my faith.
Or at least that is
what I say.
I’m not even sure if
I had it to begin with.

A better way to put it
might be that this is where
I lost sight of
any path towards faith.
I convinced myself that
I didn’t want to meet the person
that walk would lead me to.

In that room
I lost any childhood I had left.
It was time for me to grow up
and I had no idea
what that meant.
I just knew that I didn’t
get to be a kid anymore.

Despite all of that
there was one thing I held onto.
I still had my love for my father.
In fact, in that moment,
I had more of it than I had
ever had before.
That is what I needed to hold onto.
It was what led me to find
everything I had just lost.

Love trying out new brands. Well, new to me at least haha #hookah #me #panoramatobacco

Love trying out new brands. Well, new to me at least haha #hookah #me #panoramatobacco

New Goal

So I’ve been taking a break from breeding for a bit and have been working on my dex but an idea popped into my head and now I must go for it. I need a new member for my team anyways.

Shiny Jolly Tyranitar named Cinnamon Toast holding a Choice Scarf and only uses Crunch.

I gotta do it.

15/30b - The Truth About Meeting You

Hello. The first step
towards goodbye.